Monday, 12 October 2015

A Fun-Filled Day At The JCB Blogger Party

Writers and bloggers of the Women's Web community had the glorious opportunity to attend the Jean Claude Blogger party at Jean Claude Biguine, Koramangala in Bangalore. It was my first meet with the Women's Web team. On that account I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity. The excitement to meet Milan Vohra - the author of Tick - Tock we're 30, coupled with the curiosity to meet fellow bloggers and writers overtook me and I decided to make it to the event.

We were given a warm welcome by the Women's Web community and the JCB Team. I met Aparna (Founder and Editor of Women's Web) for the first time, with whom I had interacted only through emails and phone. It was a pleasure to meet the woman behind this dynamic platform. On entering the Saloon and Spa we clicked individual photographs. The ambience of the place was alluring and highly charged. The JCB team were courteous and very friendly. The stylists were actively moving around attending to the needs of the fellow bloggers and writers. Some of the bloggers and writers already began their manicure, pedicure and hair express ritual sessions.

After a few writers completed their first round of treatment, the fun began to unfold. We played a game where we needed to discover  fellow bloggers with the help of cue cards. That was fun ! We  discovered fellow writers and got to know more about them. Each one of them coming from varied backgrounds.

I spoke to Milan Vohra - acclaimed Author of Tick - Tock we're 30  in the midst of all the fun. She gave us an interesting talk on the 'Blog to book and book to blog' topic. The conversation revolved on why we write, the variations in blogging and writing and how both could benefit us.  Many writers bought her latest book -' Tick - Tock we're 30'. She read out an amusing excerpt from her latest book too. Her last words to me were 'Continue Writing'. In the midst of Milan's interesting talk, we were offered a round of hot coffee with a large spread of delicious  Muffins. After a while the remaining writers indulged in their manicure, pedicure and hair express rituals that took a while.

Milan Vohra with the women's web community.
JCB stylists are professionals.  They pampered us, and completed their work with utmost perfection. They made each of us feel at ease. I got an hair express ritual done. Throughout the session the hair stylists kept giving us tips on how to improve the texture of our hair and asked us a whole bunch of questions to try and analyze, if we make errors in our hair care regime. The whole experience was soothing and fun. My personal stylist Niang was friendly and cheerful. After the beautiful ladies were done with their hair express rituals, the hair stylists clicked photographs with each one of us.

JCB Team

Gift cards and the Biguine magazine

Thalgo skin care products

When all the writers were done with their beauty sessions, we concluded the programme with a photo session. All of us grouped together to click photographs. The JCB team gave us gift vouchers that contained  french skin care products, magazines and gift cards.

Women's Web community

 Since writing is a serious business, a day of indulgence and pampering gives us the much needed respite from our work. Thank you Women's Web and the JCB Team for the fun- filled and a day of total indulgence.

Friday, 13 February 2015

What Does Style Mean ?

Note: This post is being written as part of the Women’s Web – Trishla emart ‘A Style of My Own!’ campaign.

When the first lady of United States Michelle Obama, touched India in an alluring floral blue dress, little did I know that the dress was designed by an Indian designer - Bibhu Mohapatra. It was also a proud moment, when I discovered that he hails from Rourkela, a steel township in Orissa, which happens to be my place of birth. Michelle Obama, donning a dress designed by an Indian designer, just goes to prove that we Indians have come a long way when it comes to Style and Fashion.

Speaking of style and fashion, I feel Style is a reflection of our attitudes and personality. It's our identity. Possessing a personal style of our own sets us apart and it's the essence of our persona. It is something to be valued as it makes us the person we are. To me style is inborn. The style we are born with can never be taken away from us as it's nature's gift bestowed on us. Various fashion platforms offer varied styles in terms of dressing and couture from which we can take inspiration. We can follow our favourite fashion icons too. The internet is loaded with fashion information and several fashion bloggers are out there who are making a mark, sharing their own fashion tips that are distinct and useful.

Style changes at different stages. A person who is young would prefer to dress up in vibrant colours. The high levels of energy within the body is reflected in the dressing sense. People who are in their mid forties or more prefer to tone down the colours and adopt a more mature sense of dressing.

When it comes to my personal style, I adapt  two varied styles that are poles apart. On one hand I love the street Style fashion when it comes to casual dressing. The cool, laid back look in this fashion appeals a lot to me. And for occasions and formal events, sophistication and elegance is my style. I experiment and play with a lot of  colours and prints. Importance is given to comfort for any casual outings like a movie or spending a day in the mall. I team jeans with comfortable tops and trendy tunics.

Dresses form a dominant part of my wardrobe. I love feminine cuts, one piece, elegant dresses that flatter my size and shape. They can be casual and slinky too. A black dress is a must for me and they come in handy in occasions like weddings, dinners, or just a casual date. When I'm in doubt I always opt for the 'Black dress'. 'Sweater dresses' are a good option for winters as they can be worn with tights.

My Little Black dress

During occasions like weddings and important events I raise the fashion bar. I would generally turn up in a feminine cut elegant dress that offers sophistication. I would also opt for a heavily worked Salwar Kameez or a sexy Saree. Accessories form an important aspect of my dressing as they give life to an outfit. I try to mix and match whatever accessories I possess and team them with my attire.

Skirts are another favourite ensemble. The pencil skirt is most favoured. Having said that, I love formal short skirts, preferably knee length and wrap over skirts for their playful and colourful touch to the whole get up. Dressing to me is incomplete without a nice pair of shoes. I have a penchant for heels and I love most of the styles that are currently available but if I have to choose any one style, then my all time favourite would be the open Ankle strap high heel shoes. They pair well with dresses, skirts, salwar kameez, jeans and even a saree. Having said that, I also relish the look of the peep toe shoes as well.

In a tube skirt

 At the end of it all, when it comes to make up, I prefer to highlight my eyes.  During occasions an eye liner, mascara, Kajal with shimmering eye shadow to match the attire is a must. I end my final look with a pop of lipstick preferably shades of orange, red, pink, maroon or mauve.

India has been the best when it comes to ethnic wear and now it doesn't lag behind in western wear too. It's because our country is home to some of the most talented designers like Rohit Bahl, Tarun Tahiliani, Neeta Lulla, Manish Malhotra and so on. We also hold some of the most talented fashion bloggers, and fashionistas who share fantastic styling tips and fashion secrets with us that meet International standards. I'm sure there would be upcoming talented designers like Bibhu Mohapatra who would make us proud in the field of couture, fashion and Style.

Personal tip :  While choosing to wear an attire one must not let the clothes overshadow our personalities.The clothes are there to enhance our style. Never let it seek all the attention.  One needs to carry the attire and not the other way around. Keep it simple and keep it shining wherever you go.