Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z - Zebra Prints

Zebra prints are animal prints. They are bold and wild ! These prints are adorned by people who  are bold and want to experiment with their adventurous side. The print consists of black and white stripes and it's very striking.  It's a good idea  to stack up an animal print in your wardrobe if you love to experiment with your clothes and add a touch of spice to your wardrobe. Animals prints are very popular and we find many celebrities sporting the animal print look.

Animals prints like Zebra prints can be worn for parties, casual outings and even night clubs. Since the print is very striking, we can tone down the loud look by wearing fewer accessories. High heels, or even flats  can be paired with the outfit. Choose nude colours shoes like Beige or grey to match the outfits. You can also mix and match the outfits with other dark solid colours. 

Below is a model displaying a Halter Zebra Print Maxi. She's carried the look by wearing gladiator flats and a few accessories. 

Image source here Fashion
Zebra prints are everywhere. You'll find them in handbags and even shoes too. 

Image source -

Below is a Mossimo Delpha Peep-Toe Oxford Pumps in Zebra Print . They look cool and can be worn with a dark pair of skinny jeans. 
Image source -
Dear readers, this is the last station of the A # Z blogging challenge. It was a pleasure being a part of the challenge and I would like to thank each one of you who took the time to visit and read the posts.  Till then stay fashionable and happy blogging.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Y - Youthful You

No one can turn back time and defy age. No matter what steps we take we all have to grow old. But we can do so gracefully and enthusiastically. A few steps that can be taken to feel and look healthy are listed below.

Exercising - Exercising regularly regulates blood pressure and weight. It helps in blood circulation.  A person who exercises regularly gets a natural glow.

Adequate sleep - It's good to sleep at least six to eight hours a day. Sleeping less than six hours could cause hormonal imbalance and other health related issues. For proper functioning of the mind and body, eight hours of sleep is a must. 

Avoid smoking - Smoking not only causes diseases like cancer, lung disease and diabetes, it makes one look much older than his or her age. If you are a smoker, then give it up immediately. 

Take care of your skin - Skin is a great indicator of your health and age. To have a healthy skin avoid smoking, avoid the sun and consume plenty of water. Water flushes the toxins out of the body and keeps the skin hydrated. Check out the latest creams available. Use something that's mild and suits your skin type.

Avoid stress - Stress is synonymous with our current lifestyle. With the long working hours and hectic work schedules it's difficult to avoid stress. We can control stress by indulging in stress busting activities like listening to music or indulging in one of our favourite sport. Indulging in an activity that we enjoy can be therapeutic and healing. 

Smile often - Smiling brings a natural glow to the face. It reduces tension lines and softens the overall look of the face.  Smiling can make you look much younger. 

Keep up with fashion - We can keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and fashion. This way we can choose the right way of dressing to look younger and smarter. Ofcourse it's not advisable to cross limits. We can choose to dress gracefully, keeping our age in mind. It's good to be experimentive. Change is good. 

There are several celebrities who have lived hectic lifestyles and still managed to age gracefully. Some of them have defied time and managed to look much younger than their actual age. Amitabh Bachan is the perfect example. He exudes charm and confidence. He's managed to age gracefully and can win hearts even now.

Image source here
I've been seeing Eva Longoria for years on television and she's always looked the same to me. Her face is bright and she wears a lovely smile all the time. Probably her smile is her secret to staying and looking young.
Eva Longoria / Image source -
Johnny Depp is one of my favourite actors and as the years pass by he looks better. His personality, youthful and charming ways can sweep any woman off her feet.

Johnny Depp / Image source

Rekha is an epitome of Indian beauty.  She has a very enthusiastic and a charming personality. According to sources she leads a very disciplined healthy life. She gives importance to sleep, healthy food, yoga and drinks plenty of water.

Image source here Rekha
There are many models, fashion icons, celebrities and even normal human beings like our own family who manage to look and stay healthy. It's not always about make up or beauty sessions at the parlour that can make one look younger. It's our own nature, how we feel about ourselves from within, our outlook towards life and people, that makes a major difference to the way we look and feel.

Monday, 28 April 2014

X - X -RAY Fabrics

It was quite tricky to write a  fashion post beginning with the letter ' X '. Not many brands or terms in fashion begin with the letter ' X '. Fortunately, I found the term. So, here goes my post for the day.  X  stands for X- ray fabrics. 

This is a term that's not often heard. What is X- Ray Fabrics ? X ray fabrics are completely hand woven. In this concept the designer aims to create hand woven materials to display the vertical threads. And then using the  innovative weave method  the threads are forced to move out of their usual place thereby creating unique, distinct and beautiful patterns across the material. X ray fabrics are transparent material and it looks way beautiful when light passes through it. It feels like the fabric is composed of woven ice crystals.

They produce different results when light passes through it. It looks different at dawn and at dusk. Even artificial lights can be passed through and it would produce a different look. It's about experimenting the looks of the material with the different effects of light passing through it. 

Image source - ritaparniczky

By using hand woven materials and the hand weaving technique the vertical threads have formed various patterns in the pic above. It's amazing how different patterns are formed.

This rare hand weaving technique is created by Rita Parniczky. Her main aim is to make the invisible world of threads visible through this innovative hand weaving technique.

Check out the use of Xray fabrics in the world of fashion. Here are a few pics.

This is Gusto Barcelona Spring / Summer 2012. ready to wear X- ray fabric collection.

Here's an example of an X- ray fabric dress.

Image source here X ray fabrics

Saturday, 26 April 2014

W - Wedges

Today I chose ' Wedges ' for the letter ' W '. These are in my list of favourites because they have a fun, girly chic look. They can be worn with casual outfits like dresses, jeans and skirts. I have a pair of red wedges which was gifted by an aunt. 

Here's a quick look of it.

These shoes were introduced in the Italian market by Salvatore Ferragamo in late 1930s. In these shoes the sole is in the form of a wedge.  The back part of the sole is thick and it serves both as a sole and a heel.

Wedge boots are generally worn by women. They have a sole that is thicker at the back than front. This makes it a high heel shoe or a boot. They provide a good surface area to walk. It's very practical and comfortable to use. Let's have a look at the latest wedges that are available at online portals.
Miss Chase - Blue Wedges
Price - Rs. 3199/-
AKA Silver Trim Wedges 
Price - Rs. 1995/- 
Image courtesy -
 Selena Gomez is seen wearing  a fabulous white pair of  Wedge court shoes.
Wedges have been in vogue since a very long time. They seem to never go out of trend. So, it's a good idea to stack up a pair of wedges in your collection of shoes. They are plenty of brands and designs that are available in the popular online portals.  Hurry and check them out soon. 

I'll catch you on Monday with the letter 'X' . Till then stay fashionable and have a great weekend.

Friday, 25 April 2014

V - Versace

Gianni Versace / Img source - Wikipedia
This post is about Gianni Versace the designer and his fashion empire ' Versace '.  It's one of the world's leading international fashion houses which was founded in 1978. Gianni Versace was born on 2nd December 1946 in Italy. His career began when his mother started a sewing workshop where he worked as an apprentice.  Then he moved to Milan at the age of twenty six  and concentrated on his career as a fashion designer. He designed for famous personalities like Michael Jackson, Elton John, Princess Diana and  many more.

Unfortunately Gianni Versace was killed on July 15 1997. His sister Donatella Versace then stepped in as creative Director of Versace. His older brother Santo Versace became CEO. 

 A large number of designers and stylists are employed  in Versace's department. They work closely together under the supervision of Donatella Versace. Each team works for one specific label.  The Versace brand is classified into several labels - Atelier Versace, Versace Couture, Versace Sports, Versace Home Collection, Versace Jeans Couture, Versace Collection, Young Versace, and Versus

Versace Couture is one of the most important lines that contains high-end, often handmade apparel, jewellery, watches, fragrances, cosmetics, handbags, and home furnishings. This line is the only line presented on the runway. Couture dresses in this line cost about $10,000. Donatella Versace directly heads this line.

Madonna in Versace ad campaign /

  Many famous personalities loved Versace's collections. Some of them were Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Axl rose, Beyonce and many others. Most celebrities love wearing Versace's  outfits for Red carpet events.  The two dresses designed by Versace that was much talked about were the safety pin black dress adorned by Elizabeth Hurley and the Green chiffon dress adorned by Jennifer Lopez at the 42nd Grammy awards 2000. These dresses garnered huge publicity.

Versace has several boutiques that are spread all over the world like Europe, Middle east, America and India.  In India they've  opened boutiques in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Versace uses ' celebrity image' to promote their fashion. The celebrity who is chosen to become the face to promote the fashion is paid monetarily and is also supplied with free clothing for a stipulated period of time. Some well known personalities who became the face of Versace's collections were Madonna, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Christina Aguilera and many others. Currently the queen of Pop lady Gaga is the face of Versace's fashion house.

 So, this was all about Versace and his fashion empire. I'll catch you tomorrow with the letter 'W'. 
Till then stay fashionable and happy blogging.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

U - Ultra cool colours

Colours play a significant role in the way we dress and in the field of fashion. It's essential to choose the right colours for the right occasions as colours speak a lot about a person. Here's a peek at some of the colour personality types and how to choose the right colour for the right place. 

Black - The colour black makes a person appear authoritive, smart and powerful. It's also a colour to be worn if you want to appear slimmer. Black is worn for important occasions like parties, traditional events and even funerals as it is a serious colour. 

White - White is associated with purity, innocence and peace. It's worn when you want to appear, calm, cool and relaxed. Since it's a sign of purity it's worn at places of worship, wedding ceremonies and christenings. It symbolizes respect and thus can be adorned at funerals too. 

Blue - It's one of the most popular colours among men and some women too. A person wearing blue appears calm, smart and relaxed. Blue is the right colour to wear while attending a job interview since it's a professional colour. We've often seen Kate Middleton carrying the blue colour gracefully.

Green - Green is a soothing colour and it's best to wear this colour while handling high pressure situations. Like probably meeting an irate boss or while resolving a conflict. Green is associated with stability. 

Pink - Pink is associated with innocence and feminity. It's a great colour to adorn if you want to apppear cool, approachable and friendly. It can be worn on happy occasions like birthday parties.

Orange - Orange is a mix between yellow and red. A person who wears orange is perceived as outgoing and flamboyant. It's a popular colour in India and we often see women wearing orange for marriage and naming ceremonies. 

Brown -  Brown is normally worn by women who are stable, grounded and have a down to earth attitude. Brown is worn on regular occasions. Brown with gold accessories can be worn on important occasions. It can be used for an interview as well.

Red - It's a vibrant colour and a sign of vitality and energy. It's an important colour to adorn during marriage ceremonies and events that are full of fun and energy.

These were a few points that came to my mind with regards to colours. Please do share your favourite colour and your views on the topic.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

T - TRESemme`split remedy

Diana Penty promoting TRESemme`
 Our hair is delicate and like any other part of our body  it's important to take care and nourish it. But that's really difficult given the bad conditions like pollution,dust and inferior hair care products. These external factors cause severe split end damages to our hair. Women who love long hair have to cut their hair short or change their hair style to avoid split end damages. That's heart breaking cause it really takes a long time to grow our hair to a certain length. 

It's honestly disappointing when the length of the hair has to be shortened in order to get rid of split ends. But there's good news for all long hair lovers. TRESemme` split remedy is available at our nearest stores. The new TRESemme` split remedy is formulated with Amino Vitamin blend.

The combination of the shampoo and conditioner provides a unique formula that rescues 96 % of the split end damages in just three washes. I personally used the product and was totally satisfied. 

Here are some of the plus points

* The first thing I noticed on using the product was the fragrance. It emits a lovely fruity fragrance after washing the hair. The fragrance lingers long and your hair would smell awesome.
 * It moisturizes and lathers well. 
 * It gives the hair a soft, smooth and a silky feel. The hair becomes easy to style and manageable.
 * The conditioner does wonders to the hair and you just need to apply a little.
* It's gentle enough to be used daily. 
* The price is reasonable. The shampoo costs Rs. 80/- and conditioner Rs. 60/-
* It comes with a press open lid so it's to easy to use and it's also travel friendly.

I'd recommend  this to all women who have dry, rough and frizzy hair. I'm sure you'd be satisfied. So go ahead and try it right away and share your views on the product. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

S - Street Style Fashion

Street Style fashion basically means the fashion trends set by high fashion people mostly the youth on streets and around the city. It's a personal style of a normal person like you and me and even a celebrity. This unique kind of  fashion has caught up in a big way as each person has their own distinct style. It's all about experimenting with accessories and clothes. There are runways shows too on street style fashion. It has a youthful, fun and fresh take to it. It has gained immense popularity over the years. Some examples of street style fashion are 

Hippies - Denim T shirts and  flared trousers. 

Teddy Boys - drape jackets, drainpipe trousers, crepe shoes and so on.

Urban street style fashion includes large jewlry, skinny jeans,, jackets and T shirts. 

Street Style fashion tips :

Summer is in and most of us want to feel comfortable and relaxed in whatever we wear. So it's a good idea to opt for shorts which can be paired with tank tops, sleeveless tops, plaided shirts and so on. Team up the look with clogs, loafers and a pair of sunglasses. 

Most of us prefer to wear few layers of clothes during this hot and humid climate. Rompers are also good options as they are one layered. They give a cool, casual, relaxed look. They can be paired with flip flops, bags worn cross body and accessories.

In street style look bags are often worn cross body with the outfits. Large handbags are often used.

One can include high usage of accessories like beaded bracelets, bangles, cocktail rings and so on to get the look. 

Skinny jeans, jackets and boots are popular in this kind of fashion.  

Here's a look at some of our Indian celebrities with this look 

Image courtesy -

 Deepika Padukone spotted at the airport wearing skinny jeans, a transparent top with sunglasses. She's completed the look with a cool pair of brown boots. 

Image courtesy - Indian
 Priyanka spotted wearing a black jacket, tube top with tight fit leggings. She completed the look with Geek look glasses and a pair of matching pumps.

Image courtesy -
  Jessica Alba in pants, blazer, scarf, sunglasses and Peeptoe shoes in all different colours. She looks amazing here carrying the street style look.

Monday, 21 April 2014

R - Red carpet fashion

We've often heard the term Red carpet fashion, haven't we ?  Let's go in depth and learn more about Red carpet fashion and what it means. These are the outfits worn by high profile celebrities at high profile events such as award ceremonies and film premiers.

The clothes worn in these events garner world wide attention and scrutiny. The celebrities and their outfits are splashed all over the media and newspapers after the events take place. In red carpet fashion events the celebrities get an opportunity to look glamorous in outfits designed by high profile designers. The designers get a chance to showcase their talent and their work. It's a fabulous platform for them to gain recognition and popularity for their work. The celebrities  also garner publicity. Therefore it's a win - win situation for both. 

The public is always eager and glued to the television sets during these events. Most of us are anxious to know what outfits were adorned by these famous personalities at these high profile events. Some of us may even want to style their look.

Prior to the 1990s the celebrities wore their own outfits to these events. The change came in the year 2000. Having a dress featured in the red carpet and adorned by a high profile celebrity can do wonders to the name and popularity of an up coming designer. 

It's not any easy job for a designer's dress to be featured in the event. The designers till the last second would not know if their dress would be chosen by the celebrity, to be worn for the event. Sometimes the dresses are not returned. Their is high risk involved as plenty of hard work and resources go into making one outfit. If it's not selected to be worn in the red carpet event then it's huge loss for the designer.

Let's have a look at some of the red carpet fashion celebrities. 

Anjelina Jolie wore a long-sleeve metallic silver gown gown from Elie Saab Couture to the 86th Annual Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, California, She paired the dress with diamond drop earrings  by jewellery designer Robert Procop. 

    Freida Pinto wore a lime green glittery dress for Atelier Versace Spring 2012

Actress Sonam Kapoor arrives in a Dolce and Gabanna floral dress for the screening  of the 'Jeune and Jolie ' during the 66th cannes film festival.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Q - Quintessentially beautiful

Princess Diana was a humanitarian and a people's person. The crowd just loved her for her simplicity, for her humanitarian ways and not to forget her fashion legacy. I've always admired her beauty and style. She transformed so gracefully from a shy young girl to a sophisticated confident woman.

Her fashion sense was truly admired by the crowds. Her dressing style can be defined as classy, elegant, graceful and confident. Towards the last phase of her life her style became more powerful and sexier. Her wedding gown was admired by people all over the world.  

Initially the crowds always spotted her in pants and tops. After her marriage her dressing style transformed and became more sophisticated. She became popular for her coats, hats and her fabulous dresses. She was a true style icon. She'll always be remembered for her personality, grace and beauty.

Image source -
She visited the British school of Seoul in South Korea wearing a green suit with matching pumps.

Image source - Style evolution
She wore this Christian Lacroix dress in Paris. She looked so beautiful. Words are not enough to describe her beauty here. 

Image source - Style evolution
  She's seen here wearing a silver glitzy dress and a beautiful pair of silver shoes to match it. 

Image source - Style evolution
 A more casual and relaxed look. She worked out to maintain her body. 

 She carried herself with confidence in this black dress designed by Christina Stambolian . She wore it for a dinner at the Serpentine gallery. 

Note : Google images.

Friday, 18 April 2014

P - Palazzo trousers

Palazzo Pants are long trousers. It's cut from the waist, it's loose and wide legged. They are popular this summer as they are loose and comfortable. They are made of very light fabrics. The fabric and the material makes it a good summer season style.

They can make the wearer look cool, relaxed and chic at the same time. Deepika Padukone set off a trend by wearing floral Palazzo pants with a solid colour tank top in the movie cocktail . She looked cool and chic in it.

Deepika Padukone in a floral Palazzo trouser

In winters they can be teamed with jackets, leather Jackets and Blazers. 
Tank tops and Palazzo pants match well. They can also go with T -shirts, loose fitting shirts, crop tops, crop jackets chic and feminine tops.

Accessories and long handbags go well with these trousers. Average height women can team them with high heels. 

Ileana D'cruz
 Ileana looking cool and chic in a white Palazzo trouser.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

O - Onesie

Sonam Kapoor/
  Onesie is also known as the adult jumpsuits. It's a casual and a loose one piece garment. It's gained popularity as a street style fashion. We see plenty of celebrities sporting the onesie look. It especially looks fabulous on women who are tall. The average height woman can look outstanding too, by completing the final look by teaming it with high heels.

Much accessories are not required to go with a jumpsuit as the whole piece makes up for everything else. But the onesie look can be teamed with a broad dialed watch or a broad hand accessory and a choker.

In the pic below Jennifer Lopez is sporting this look. She's not worn much accessories, only a pair high heels and a hand accessory.

Jennifer Lopez / Google image

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

N - Naomi Campbell


 Naomi Campbell is a name that is synonymous with fashion and glamour. She was one of the most popular personalities in the fashion world in the late 80s and early 90s. Remember seeing her in Michael Jackson's video ' In the Closet ! She was tall and her dusky complexion and sharp features set her apart from the rest.

Naomi was born in South London and was the daughter of Jamaican born dancer Valerie Morris. She was not allowed to visit her father. Her first public appearance was at the age of seven when she was featured in Bob Marley's song ' Is this Love'. She was one of the six models who was declared a super model in her generation. Naomi has walked the runway for top designers designers as Gianni Versace, Azzedine Alaïa, and Isaac Mizrahi

Walking the runway for Lakme Fashion week /

She's been featured in more than five hundred magazines. She's been featured in campaigns for burberry, Prada, Varsace, Chanel, Dolce and Gabanna, Marc Jacobs amd Louis Vuitton. Naomi is  a humanitarian. She made fashion as a platform to do charity work too. In 2005 she established fashion for relief and hosted a charity show to raise funds for the victims of hurricane Katrina. Fashion for relief has raised millions of dollars for various causes.

She had a major setback in her personal life 2008. She pleaded guilty to assaulting  two police officers at London Heathrow Airport. She also settled a lawsuit filed by her former maid Gaby Gibson who claimed that Naomi had physically assaulted her. She even fought a five year drug addiction to cocaine.

She has passed the dark phases of her life. Naomi is still a strong force in the fashion industry. Recently she was in the news for her support for transgenders and encouraging them on runways.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

M - Milan

I've always been fascinated with the city Milan - one of the most important fashion capitals of the world. Today I chose to write about the city that inspires thousands of fashion enthusiasts. Milan has a stylistic image and number of rising designers contributed to Milan's fashion image. It was in the year 2009 that the city was declared as the " Fashion capital of the world " by the global language monitor.

The people of Milan were said to be fashion conscious as early as 1880s and the late 19th century.
The Milan fashion has been partially inspired by the french fashion which was dominant during that period.  It chose to keep the local taste alive which was sombre and simple. They dressed modestly and paid importance to simplicity and elegance in dressing. They also paid emphasis to fabrics and tailoring.  It was also during this period that the number of tailors and seamstresses in the city grew. Clothing economy boomed rapidly. 

It soon became a popular fashion destination for shopping. The number of boutiques grew which sold elegant clothes. The designers of Milan paid importance to comfort, practicality and elegance. The clothes became more popular and affordable too. 

Milan fashion week 2014 /
  Milan has two fashion weeks in a year. One during spring and the other during Autumn. This glamorous city is home to numerous popular shopping districts and streets. One of them is named Via Monte Napoleane. It's ranked as the sixth most expensive shopping streets in the world. The streets contain poplular fashion and couture boutiques. Have a quick look below.

Versace store in Via Montenapoleone /
So that  was a short  post on Milan. Hope you all  liked it. Catch you all tomorrow with letter 'N '

Note : Google images

Monday, 14 April 2014

L - Lakme fashion week

I chose Lakme fashion week for the letter ' L '. It's one of the most popular fashion events that fashion enthusiasts all over India and the world  look forward to. It's jointly organized by the cosmetic giant of India - Lakme and IMG Reliance - The global leader in sports and entertainment event marketing and management.

It was created to make a change, evolve fashion and bring it into the global fashion map. This high octane fashion event is conducted twice a year. It showcases great talent, stylish models, work of talented Indian designers to inspire fashion enthusiasts all over the world who have a penchant for Indian fashion.

Jacqueline Fernandez / Indian Express
 This year Lakme fashion week was held from March 12 to March 16. Day one concluded on a successful note with Tarun Tahiliani's spectacular collection of clothes. He used  varied range of colours like Indigo, mustard, fuchsia, sombre black, white, ivory and beige. Tahiliani’s collection consisted of embroidered draped dhoti pants, Lehenga cholis with net dupatta, black and white kurtas, sari, kaftan, dhoti sari, gowns, kalidaar embellished kurtas, T-shirts teamed up with skirts and lehengas.

 The men's wear consisted of wide Salwars and Sherwanis. Jacqueline Fernandez was the showstopper for his collection. She looked stunning in a orange/pink/ red net kurta dupatta. Her accessories matched the entire set. She proved to be a perfect showstopper for his collections. 

Priyanka Chopra with Indian designer Neeta Lulla -
 The grand finale was equally interesting.  Priyanka Chopra was the show stopper for Neeta Lulla's collections. Neeta Lulla used light fabrics for most of the outfits. Her collections included maxis, flared skirts, sarees, practical blouses, tube dresses and so on.  Her outfits were specially designed for women who prefer style with comfort. 
These were a few highlights of the grand event which  successfully came to a close on March 16th. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

K - Kate Middleton's Style Secrets

   I love Kate Middleton's fashion sense - her dresses, her accessories, her shoes and handbags. She has the talent to effortlessly blend all of them .  With her love for fashion she gives herself an elegant and a graceful look. She also looks fresh and youthful at the same time.  The good points about her dressing is she blends high end brands along with attainable brands that help women to achieve her clothing style.  Let's have a brief view of her style secrets.

Loves wearing Lace - Kate Middleton loves to wear lace. Her Sarah Burton's wedding dress just goes to prove that. She looked elegant and simple in her wedding gown. She's been spotted many a times wearing a lace dress.  Check out some pics of her looking ravishing in lace. 

Loves to wear head gears - Kate loves her head gears and that does not come as a surprise. Head gears are always associated with royalty. She wears large and small sized head gears that matches each of her dresses beautifully.

Loves Skinny Jeans and boots - She loves her skinny jeans that she wears often with boots and blazers. It gives her a royal, relaxed and a smart look. She pairs her lovely boots with jeans and short skirts that make her look cool, chic and youthful.

She loves Blue - She's always spotted in navy blue. We've seen her wearing blue dresses, blue skirts, blue skinny jeans  and blazers.  I guess that's her favourite colour and she looks smart in it. Check out her navy blue looks below. 

Kate is fond of handbags - She's always spotted with fabulous handbags. Some of them are large with neutral colours and some elegant and classy clutches. She often uses  clutches from LK Bennet which is a British brand. 

L K Bennet clutch
 These were just some of her style secrets. I'm sure you are inspired by her fashion sense. Catch you on Monday with the letter 'L'

Note : Google images


Friday, 11 April 2014

J - Jewellery

Jewellery whether modern or ethnic adds to the beauty of a woman. It's a woman's prized possession and a decorative item. Today we are well informed and aware of the latest brands of Jewellery. Thanks to all the online portals. There's some rare pieces of Jewellery  showcased on my blog today, although my topic is very common. Some pieces of ethnic and rare Jewellery that I've not come across before. 

The above pic is that of a ring that represents an architectural structure. Isn't it unique ? It looks more like vintage Jewellery. I so loved the look of it.

 This is a necklace that is made of recycled watch components. This is a rare piece and I was surprised to see the creativity and hard work gone into it.  

Pharaonic era princess' crown.
 In the above pic you can see an Egyptian crown  with gold work. Egyptians preferred gold over other metals and rare designs. They were also known to use coloured glass along with precious gems. Egyptians associated Jewellery with wealth and power. Even during death, Jewellery were among the list of goods that was placed in the graves. 

Navratna ring - Wikpedia

Navratna ring is closely associated with Indian Jewellery. It contains nine precious gems - pearl, ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, cat’s eye, coral, and hyacinth (red zircon). In ancient India it was worn by kings, and selected members of the family.
 This is a 1900 high silver content amulet necklace from Orissa. This Silver piece looks  captivating and I love the ethnic pattern. It looks like Tribal Jewellery which is quite unique and different. 

With this I end my post. I hope you liked these rare pieces of art. I'll catch you tomorrow with the letter ' K'.